Da Bean—A Café Project


Da Bean—A Café Project is a collection of coffee shop products featuring playful illustrated narrations of a coffee bean character, Da Bean. The collection comprises take-away coffee cups, napkins and paper plates.

 We live in an age of prevailing coffee culture. Ubiquitous cafés around us have evolved from mere drink providers into assembly points for leisure activities, dates, study groups and much more. The collection marries these activities and the customers’ purchases in the cafés.

Besides serving as surface decorations, the illustrations on the products also involve in the customers’ user experience as entertainment and information. They transformed the products from food and drink ware to something the customers could laugh at, play with or take away. For example, a plate is turned into a bathtub, a cup into a coffee factory assembly line and a napkin into a Popsicle recipe. Lighthearted and whimsical, the illustrations intend to give their audience little “!” moments in their daily happenings.

By injecting more valuable meanings into the throwaways and encouraging collection of them, the illustrations also function as an environmental agent addressing the problem of over-disposal of food packaging.

Da Bean builds a bridge between coffee culture and our daily life.